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The History of Chandler

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The Chandler car was produced in Cleveland from 1913-1929. Fred Chandler and a few other officers of the Lozier Motor Works who had left Lozier in 1912 started it. They started in 1913 in a small garage on 65th Street. They moved to131st Street and a large plant that kept getting bigger with the success of their car. The car was a medium priced car of very good quality and many new features, including the start of Synchromesh Transmission, the One Shot Lubrication Systems, and Power Brakes.

In 1919, they added a companion car to the model lineup. The Cleveland was a lower priced car made in a new plant on Euclid Avenue. The Cleveland was a very good car for the price with an overhead valve 6-cylinder engine.

The Chandler and Cleveland cars won many auto endurance and hill climb races. Chandler called its new engine in 1923 the Pikes Peak engine.

Chandler phased out its Cleveland line in 1926 and the Chandler Standard 6 line was formed in 1927 using the Cleveland specifications. They also introduced the 8-cylinder line. The company exported 15% of production worldwide. In 1929, Chandler sold its entire operation to Hupmobile, thus ending a great car.