Ways to Improve the Ground

Tue 14 February 2017

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There are needs for ground improvement when there are risks that pose threat for the soil to give up and affecting a lot of residences and properties and business. One of the biggest threats is the event when the soil underground is shaken and becomes a quicksand. This event is called liquefaction and is the most problem of the many people and engineers of construction. There are many ways to save the land that your building is underneath. One of the effective ways to fight liquefaction is by Rapid Impact Compaction which is by forcing the soil together to create a compacted feel. When the soil is compacted, it has more strength to fight liquefaction process and liquefaction would not be able to stand a single chance with the earthquake. You just have to be wary about your neighbors because they might be disturbed with the noise of the digger. Next method in line is the Rammed Aggregate Piers in which the gravels are being pushed into the ground more like compacting them. When the gravels are compacted it becomes stronger and a reliable stronghold during an earthquake. There are a lot more methods that we ca use during improving the ground beneath us. We just have to choose what best fit the condition of the soil that we have. 


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