The Ripple of Change

Mon 10 July 2017

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The ocean may be vast but BioMarinus was able to measure out of what we need to know about oceans. However, the information that is exposed here cannot be absorbed totally in a rush because we need to take it one by one so that we would not be overwhelmed.


We need not hurry so that we would be overloaded with information. Many people cannot deny the fact that they have been contributors to how the earth degrades. We cannot allow for this worsening to go even deeper. There are many threats now to the life of the ocean and we cannot stop it by our own. We need everyone to cooperate so we need some better solution that can create a ripple that reaches both ends of the river. And the ripple must start within ourselves.


We know how from one drop a ripple can be created. It starts with a small one and become bigger and bigger until it encompasses the whole body of water. We just have to make sure that the drop that would create should be positive so that we would only effect of something that is change inducing. We have to take this opportunity and see the change positively. 



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