List of Commonly Used Gas Appliances

Wed 01 August 2018

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Before electric appliances, gas appliances where the norm in plumbers Browns Bay. Gas appliances use natural gas to give out heat. You are required to have a gas line if you plan on using gas appliances. Here are some commonly used gas appliances.
Home heating appliances
These are for keeping the home warm and cozy. They include natural gas heaters and natural gas furnace.
Comparison to electric heat pumps
  • ‚ÄčThe air from a natural gas furnace is sightly warmer compared with that of a heat pump.
  • The natural gas furnace uses less energy compared to an electric heat pump.
  • Natural gas heaters last longer than electric heat pumps.
  • Natural gas furnace heat up homes faster than electric heat pumps.
  • They also cost less to operate compared with electric heat pumps.
Cooking appliances
These include ovens and cooktops. They are very convinient for cooking because they give out precise and instant heat. 
Comparison to electric cooking appliances
  • When cooking with an electric appliance, you have to wait for the coil to heat up which is not the case when cooking with gas. Gas gives you an instant flame the moment it's turned on.
  • With electric appliances you have less control over the power of the heat unlike gas where you can judge the strength of the heat by looking at the power of the flame.
  • Gas cooking also saves energy since the flame goes out the moment it's turned off.
Laundry and water appliances
These include dryers and water heaters.
Comparison to electric appliances
  • Gas dryers have a higher output than electric dryers. They are able to dry clothes faster than electric appliances.
  • Clothes dried in a gas dryer have a longer lifespan than those that get dried in electric dryers. This is because clothes dried in a gas dryer tumble less.
  • According to proven statistics, two loads of clothes dried in a natural gas dryer consume the same amount of energy as one load of clothes dried in an electric dryer.
  • Natural gas water heaters get water heated faster than electric heaters.


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