Keep it Clean And Dry

Wed 15 March 2017

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Even before we call for help from pest control services like GoPest, we should have first do our part to help our homes get pest free. We have to keep our homes neat and clean so that they will not be pestering around our vicinity. We have to give them no reason to come back and we have to cut off their every sort of food source. We have to keep our kitchen organized and we should know how to keep our food into every rightful storage. We should keep clutter away from us so as to prevent them to find cozy nooks in every corner of our house that might seem appealing for them to make it their beds. Aside from making it neat and clean, we must also try our best to keep our house free from any water get stock up in our containers. We should not even leave our sink sticky and wet because cockroach and mosquitoes love to lurk in those kind of areas. We have to fix these kind of areas in our house so that they will not be the reason to keep pests inside. So whatever it is, we have to make sure that our house is not only neat and clean but also dry. 


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