Experimenting With our angles

Tue 02 May 2017

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If we want to learn something about photography, we just need to get in touch with Tegan Johnson, Christchurch photographer, who may have the good knowledge about taking pictures. We might have a lot to learn about photography but with a few tricks we can already manage producing pictures that might impress a lot of people. Well, there are a lot of leakage tricks in the internet today because everyone can now be a photographer in their own way. For example, we might choose to experiment with the position of our angle and we would be able to make a difference and impress our audience. We need not buy expensive photography gears but we just have to be able to handle our camera so we can make something out of the ordinary. Well, we can choose to change the position or the angle we are taking our pictures from. We can also try the adventure of crawling in the ground to make better shots in different angles. We also have to experiment with the way we direct the eyes of our audience. We know that eye contact have a lot of impact on our pictures so we have to make it sure that their eyes project the same effect on us. 


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