Being Keen With the Inspection

Thu 24 August 2017

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A wise home buyer always conduct pre purchase house inspections in Christchurch to make sure that they are making a wise decision whether to buy it or not. It is important that we take a personal interest on the property that we are going to buy by being involved in analysing the condition of the property and determine which part we should make the necessary changes.


We have to look out for many spots that agents wanted to hide from us. We have to been keen when we are physically inspecting the property and always be on the look out for hot spots where molds can be lurking. Make sure that the presence of the molds will be properly addressed by the seller so that we can omit or minimize the problems.


It is also important that each seller should keep track of the level of moisture inside the property especially going down the basement. It is important because when the place is so moist, it could contribute to the degradation of the furniture inside and could be the reason pests feel invited into your property. There are really a lot of factors that should be considered when buying a new property. 



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