Be Careful about Your Actions

Fri 10 February 2017

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In a Christian Dating NZ, we never want to make rules but there are things that should be observe to make the best out of a relationship. It is best to watch out for the pitfalls so you can know better before you fail at dating. One of the things that should be remembered, especially for a girl, not to throw themselves at every chances that they see a potential pair. A girl has the power to attract a boy because it is a built in feature of a woman to be able to influence a man. Yet, if this feature is abused you might ended up to given a reputation of being a flirt even if you may reason that you are not doing anything. Avoid any habits that could make someone conclude that you are a flirt. Of course, we should not believe every word that a person say, but we are talking about patterns here. And if you find yourself in that pattern, retreat immediately and pull yourselves together. 


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